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Use your data to prioritize growth and fuel your business.

I know you're feeling...

  • Stretched thin and wondering if seven-figure revenue is really attainable.
  • Unsure of how to grow your bottom line without sacrificing more of your time.
  • Overwhelmed with all the analysis of your financial and operational data.

It's time to feel...

  • Completely in control of your financial and business data — what it is, how to interpret it, and how to set goals around it.
  • Clarity on where to focus your time and energy to see the biggest ROI.
  • Free to focus on the parts of your business that light your fire after implementing strategies that streamline day-to-day operations and increase efficiencies.

Ask yourself, how could this impact your business?

You’re looking for a proven process that takes the information living in your business and transforms it into an actionable plan to maximize ROI. With precise data, we can project the business and financial impact of your decisions and investments you make to give you more time, money, and confidence.

Dee is methodical and organized

I have really enjoyed working with Dee. She has been great with automation and workflow implementation on the backend of our business. She is methodical and organized and has been flexible and helpful with whatever we need to be done.

-Cheryl Levine, CEO of Axela Kitchens

Fractional CFO

This service is for CEOs looking for executive-level financial strategy and guidance when you don’t have the need, or budget, for full-time support.

With ongoing monthly services, you’ll gain personalized strategies for fostering business growth, the assurance to confidently implement decisions, and the freedom to concentrate on operational excellence.

We’ll have weekly meetings and quarterly strategy sessions to stay on track with your goals.

Investment ranges from $997/month to $2,997/month

Services include:

✔ Monthly financial review and analysis

✔ Monthly strategy meeting based on results

✔ Cash flow and P&L projections (and related monthly updates)

✔ Weekly check-in meetings

✔ Unlimited email access

✔ Everything included in “Quarterly Analysis” services noted below

Monthly Retainer packages are for business owners who are already at multi six-figure and are looking to scale to seven-figures and beyond.  

Quarterly Analysis

This service is for the CEO who needs support developing the strategic focus that will have the biggest impact but has the internal capacity to implement without ongoing support.

You will provide financial reports and data to be analyzed and interpreted, which will then be used to develop the next quarter’s strategic plan of action.

We will meet to review results of operations and the strategic plan.

Monthly investment starting at $2,500

Services include:

✔ Financial and budget analysis

✔ Project profitability analysis

✔ Pricing strategy and formula

✔ Pricing to actual analysis

✔ KPIs

✔ Cash flow projections

✔ Next quarter’s strategic focus

✔ 90-minute review call


This service is for the CEO who needs specific analysis and recommendations on what to implement to see the biggest impact in their business.

 Intensives range in duration based on the number of analyses needed. On average, they take between a week to a month to complete.

Investment: starting at $2,000

Benefits include:

✔ One or more of the analyses noted above in the “Quarterly Analysis” section based on your specific needs

✔ You get answers, recommendations, and clarity on the direction of your business

✔ Support is instant as opposed to over many months.

Intensives provide immediate results, and are best for businesses that have a specific area you are working on improving, for example, maximizing profit.

Dee has saved me both time and money

Dee has saved me both time and money in moving forward in my business, being able to put systems and processes into place, and has made my life a lot easier. If you are looking to grow your business you will want to work with Dee.

-Sarah Sampana, CEO of Sarah Sampana Coaching

How it works

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So you are ready to have executive-level strategy and support to drive decisions in your business! Let’s get on a call and make sure we are the right fit for each other and determine exactly where you are looking to see your business (finally) go.

we work together

I get to work analyzing your business and financial data, and provide specific strategic recommendations focusing on growing your business.


You start to see the impact of our work in the bottom line, a lighter workload, increased confidence in decision making, and in your bank account.