A Fractional CFO & Profit Strategist for service providers seeking accurate analysis of financial data to drive decisions.

My exposure to different businesses throughout my career has transformed me into a strategic thinker who can see the big picture and understands the vital steps needed to reach big financial and structural goals.  My financial background gives me the ability to understand your business on a deep level, using the financial metrics specific to your business to ensure longevity and profitability. A multitasker by trade, I understand the importance of project and team management skills and am an expert in process development and process improvement. The culmination of these skills has developed me into the ideal partner to guide CEOs to increase profit and confidently make decisions to propel growth in their business.

The CEO’s Guide

After graduating with an MBA degree and obtaining my CPA license my drive and passion focused solely on my budding career path. I envisioned working as a CFO, making decisions that propelled growth and created impact. I wanted that big office and with that beautiful view.

And then my daughter was born and I realized that what I had always dreamed of was right there in my arms.  My priorities changed, and I was no longer willing to work in a corporate environment where I was undervalued. But that did not diminish my aspiration for growth and change (if anything — it revitalized it!).  I still want that big office and that beautiful view, now I just prefer that office to be in my own home and the beautiful view to be my baby girl right beside me.

As a Fractional CFO and Profit Strategist, I can guide you through a proactive strategy and provide you with information to confidently make decisions, all while increasing your profit and impact.

What could you do with an increase in your profit margin?